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Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services has successfully supplied and operated drilling support packages across the globe.

Underbalanced Drilling

Airpac Bukom supply a range of high pressure Air Compressors offering compressed air volumes of 900 scfm to 1070 scfm and pressure variants up to 25 barg (365 psig). Airpac Bukom's Rigsafe / Safe Area Booster Compressors offer pressure capabilities up to 207 barg (3000 psig) and volumes to 107.6m³/min (3800 scfm) whilst our Zone II WB12 Joy Booster Compressors (with capacities to 2400 scfm and up to 2300 psig) are specially built to cope with the varied conditions encountered in drilling applications.

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD)

Rental packages comprising of high pressure primary Air Compressors, Booster Compressors and Desiccant Dryers have been used in recent Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) projects in Asia and the Middle East.


Equipment spreads including high pressure Air Compressors, Booster Compressors, Air Receivers and air hoses are used to support air-hammer drilling of geothermal wells in hard rock areas, most recently in continental Europe and Australia. 

Airpac Bukom equipment is also used for production testing of geothermal wells upon the completion of drilling activities, whether they have been drilled conventionally or with an air or water hammer.