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Airpac Bukom has a proven track record of supporting LNG projects with operated dry booster spreads.

Pluto LNG

Project sponsors, module fabricators and EPC contractors alike utilise our primary Air Compressors, Booster Compressors, Desiccant Dryers and Air Filtration equipment in pipework testing.

The Airpac Bukom rental fleet comprises a wide range of compressed air equipment, suitable for LNG projects located in remote and challenging areas around the world.

Equipment consists of low pressure Air Compressors at 1050 scfm (125 psig), high pressure Air Compressors up to 1050 scfm (365 psig), multi pressure heatless Desiccant Dryers with minimum dewpoint capabilities of -40°C and oil content of 0.01mgs/m3, air receivers in various sizes and pressure ratings, Booster Compressors offering up to 3,000 psig and volumes of 3,800 scfm. 

High pressure spreads are used in the pneumatic testing and tightness testing of LNG modular components during the construction and commissioning of new LNG liquefaction plants. Lower pressure dry air spreads are also used to blow systems in order to dry them.

Airpac Bukom supply quality equipment with experienced personnel to operate and maintain compressed air spreads on all phases of LNG projects. Our equipment is reliable and the team work professionally, safely and integrate seamlessly into the testing organisation which assures operations are uninterrupted throughout.