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Maintenance & Decommissioning

Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services are principal providers of compressed air services to operators and all major fabric maintenance contractors, our equipment can also be utilised to assist in Decommissioning activities.

Maintenance & Decommissioning

Leading offshore fabric maintenance contractors successfully utilise Airpac Bukom’s large rental fleet of Zone II and Rigsafe Air Compressors for work such as surface preparation, painting applications, grit blasting and tooling. 

Operators utilise our Air Compressors as temporary replacements to augment, or backup, their own compressed air facilities. Air Compressors can be used to provide plant air when the platform air supply is being repaired, maintained or replaced. This can be whilst the permanently installed equipment is out of action or as a long term contingency.

Our large fleet of Zone II Compressors are fitted with a range of safety features including CO gas detection, are certified for open deck hazardous areas and unmanned operation and are suitable for offshore rig maintenance and operations applications.

Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services has also supplied both low and high pressure Air Compressors, (150 – 365 psig) including Booster Compressors (2000 psig) in support of Decommissioning projects in all sectors of the North Sea  (Northern, Southern and Norwegian). Specific projects include well head decommissioning in the Southern North Sea (Claxton Engineering – Low pressure Compressors) and Norwegian sector (Oceaneering – Twin Booster Compressor Spread).