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New Variable Pressure 400 cfm Air Compressors Now Available for Rental from Airpac Bukom

27 Jul 2017

Airpac Bukom, the oil and gas division of rental specialist Vp plc, is pleased to announce availability of their new 400 cfm Air Compressors.

400 Rigsafe Mobile Unit

The new 400 cfm Air Compressor as a mobile unit

 Airpac Bukom’s latest Air Compressor model can be supplied as either a mobile wheeled unit for onshore use or in a DNV 2.7-1 cage for offshore use.

 The Air Compressor produces volumes of up to 11.3m³/min (400 cfm) and allows variable pressure ratings from 7 bar (100 psi) to 14 bar (200 psi), which can be adjusted with increments of just 0.1 barg. Discharge air temperature is controlled through an internal aftercooler with optional bypass.

 Each compressor has been manufactured by Atlas Copco with a John Deere tier 4 engine which reduces emissions of NOx and particulate matter to near 0 levels. As with all Airpac Bukom rigsafe Air Compressors, they are fitted with spark arrestors and overspeed protection to rigsafe specification. Emergency shutdown is available on all models to provide instant shutdown in the event of gas detection or similar hazards.

Jonathan Black, Regional Manager for North Sea & Europe, states; “These new high specification models are a fantastic addition to our existing rigsafe fleet. We already hold the largest fleet of small volume (175-400 scfm) rigsafe units in the UK and the addition of these variable pressure units will further enhance our service offering both onshore and offshore.”

Airpac Bukom provides detailed technical specification for their full rental fleet. Comprehensive datasheets, including weights and dimensions, can be downloaded from the Airpac Bukom website. As well as servicing the UK from Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth, Airpac Bukom has offices in Singapore, Australia, Sharjah and Curaçao.