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New Air Compressors Now Available for Rental from Airpac Bukom's Australian Office

10 Aug 2018

Airpac Bukom, the oil and gas division of rental specialist Vp plc, is pleased to announce two new additions to their Australian equipment fleet, the 370 cfm Rigsafe Air Compressor and 400 cfm Zone II Air Compressor.

New Australia Units 370cfm & 400cfm

New 370 cfm Rigsafe and 400 cfm Zone II Air Compressors

The two new compressor specifications have been purchased to meet growing demands for small footprint, small capacity units within the Australian rental market.

Airpac Bukom’s latest Rigsafe compressors produce volumes of up to 10.5m³/min (370 cfm), with pressure ratings up to 12 bar (175 psi). The units are supplied in a DNV 2.7-1 EN 12079 certified lifting frame with built-in drip trays and are fully rigsafe / safe area compliant.

The 370 scfm Air Compressor offers a cost-effective solution for projects where a lower capacity compressor is required. As with all Airpac Bukom Rigsafe Air Compressors, the units are fitted with spark arrestors, engine over-speed and anti-static fan blades and belts fully compliant to Rigsafe specifications. 

The new range of Zone II Air Compressors provide a volume of 11.3m³/min (400 cfm) with a pressure rating of up to 10.3 bar (150 psi). The equipment has been purchased to support maintenance and shutdown projects, offering excellent space efficiency on deck and in confined space applications

This Zone II unit comes fitted with a Miretti exhaust gas cooler to ensure surface temperature does not rise above 200°C; the inclusion of this feature eliminates the requirement for an exhaust flame trap, reducing manual handling. Each compressor is housed in a DNV 2.7-1 certified lifting container with built in 110% bunding.

Graham Pemberton, Regional Director for Australia, states; We are delighted to have these brand new compressors available within our rental fleet in Australia. The units have been developed with the latest safety technology incorporated into the build and offer a lightweight, small footprint option for upstream and downstream maintenance and shutdown applications.”

Technical datasheets, including weights and dimensions, can be downloaded from the Airpac Bukom website. As well as servicing the Australian market from Perth, Western Australia, Airpac Bukom has offices and distribution facilities in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Singapore, Sharjah and Curaçao.