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1000 cfm (190 psi) Multi Pressure Desiccant Dryer

  • 2 inch air hoses
  • Use of additional aftercoolers

If high quality clean dry compressed air is a process or project requirement, Airpac Bukom can provide a range of desiccant dryers sized to meet their primary compressor fleet. Our Desiccant Dryer range can process air volumes from 1000 - 3350 scfm.

This lightweight unit processes air volumes of up to 28m³/min (1000 scfm) with pressures ranging from 4 barg (58 psig) to 13 barg (190 psig).

The dryer is mounted in a DNV 2.7-1 certified lifting frame, with a small footprint of 2.4m2, for transport and protection.

Airpac Bukom’s 100 scfm Desiccant Dryer is a complete package, incorporating:

  • A twin tower heatless adsorbent dryer unit 
  • Double oil removal filtration with auto drains and final dust filter

The 1000 scfm dryer is suitable for use with Airpac Bukom’s range of 175 - 1050 scfm Rigsafe Air Compressors and 400 - 1000 scfm Zone II Air Compressors.