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Steam Generators

The extensive rental fleet of steam boilers produce volumes ranging from 1.4 Million btu to 6.2 Million btu.

Airpac Bukom now offer rental of Zone II Steam Generators, in addition to the existing range of Rigsafe / Safe Area boiler units.

When supplied as a package with Air Compressors or Heat Exchangers, Steam Generators are ideal for well testing and abandonment operations.They are also suitable for standby or replacement of installed boiler systems during maintenance on board ships, oil flow control at well or terminal and in industrial applications. Airpac Bukom Steam Generators can be utilised for projects both onshore and offshore.

An on board emergency shutdown system is available ensuring instant safe shutdown should methane, propane and H2S gas or a similar hazard be detected or encountered. 

The range includes internal locking which enhances security and prevents intervention by unqualified personnel.