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Steam Heat Exchangers

Airpac Bukom rent and operate 5,000 psig, 10,000 psig and 15,00 psig Steam Heat Exchangers. Our Heat Exchangers are primarily used in conjunction with surface well testing applications worldwide to complete the package of heat transfer during well test operations.

Airpac Bukom’s Heat Exchangers, which are used to heat the well production, consist of a pressurised shell containing a set of process coils.

The range of portable skid mounted 5,000 psig, 10,000 psig (conventional 3” ID or high rate 4” ID) and 15,000 psig Heat Exchangers for rental are primarily used in conjunction with surface well testing applications worldwide to complete the package of heat transfer during well test operations. The units are also extensively used in pipelines, storage tank, oil bunkers and refineries during operations, maintenance, cleaning & decommissioning projects.

Airpac Bukom also offer rental of heli-transportable units, weighing less than 5000 kgs each to facilitate under slinging from a helicopter. The units can be broken down into individual modules rated at 2.2 Million btu individually or 4.4 Million btu together at 10,000 psig.