Worldwide Support, Experienced Operators, Specialised Rental Solutions

Why rent from Airpac Bukom?

With over 45 years experience providing specialist rental solutions to the oil and gas industry, Airpac Bukom have developed an extensive rental fleet and employ highly skilled personnel to operate our equipment.

Renting Airpac Bukom equipment has many advantages over purchasing:

  • Cost-effective. Hiring equipment allows your business to cut unnecessary expenditure and free up your capital.
  • Experienced. Airpac Bukom has been providing oil and gas equipment since 1975, giving us over 45 years experience in providing specialist rental solutions.
  • High Quality. By renting Airpac Bukom equipment you obtain the benefits of quality specialised equipment and expertise without the hefty price tag.
  • Flexibility.  Airpac Bukom offers an extensive range of equipment in a wide variation of specifications, giving you access to the right equipment for your oil & gas application.
  • Efficient. Having access to a pool of equipment ensures limited down time in the unlikely event of a breakdown.
  • No hidden charges. Airpac Bukom rental rates are fully inclusive of maintenance.
  • Skilled personnel. Our fully-trained Operators are available to ensure our equipment is utilised correctly and maintained to the highest standards for you and your clients.
  • Global. Our network of servicing and distribution facilities are located globally located in the United Kingdom (Aberdeen & Great Yarmouth), Curaçao, Sharjah, Singapore and Perth, Australia. 
  • Safe. We are constantly upgrading our assets and investing in new equipment, you can be sure that our equipment is fully compliant with the latest safety legislation.
  • Partnership. We work with our clients to ensure our equipment is suitable for their application; Airpac Bukom equipment can be customised to fit your project requirements.